Body Sculpting

Breaks down fat cells which your body’s lymphatic system eventually flushes away.

Body Contouring

$100 / 30 min

Non-invasive cavitation treatment that will destroy & drain unwanted fat from areas on the body. Service is safer and less invasive than liposuction. Best results, multiple treatments combined with healthy diet & exercise.

Understanding Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting is a revolutionary procedure that targets and eliminates fat cells, which are eventually expelled by the body’s lymphatic system over a few months. Interestingly, some believe that post-treatment, these targeted areas are less prone to storing fat cells in the future.

How does the Magic of Body Sculpting Operate?

Body Sculpting provides a non-surgical alternative to traditional fat removal methods. These treatments can freeze fat cells, employ heat through radiofrequency or utilize ultrasound therapy, all aiming to remodel various parts of the body like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms, post a series of sessions.

Our Diverse Body Sculpting Solutions Include:

  • Cool Treatments: Ever thought fat cells could be frozen away? CoolSculpting does precisely that. A suction vacuum is placed over the desired area, chilling fat cells to -11 degrees until they crystallize. Suitable for various body parts like the chin, arms, abdomen, love handles, and thighs.
  • Heat Treatments: Involving lasers that penetrate deep to disrupt fat cell structures which are then naturally discarded by the body. With SculpSure, the device’s arms encircle the targeted area, transmitting laser pulses into your body.
  • Radio-frequency treatments: This technique uses ultrasound to shatter fat cells. Unlike automated machines, UltraShape involves a technician who manually maneuvers a device across your body, employing mechanical vibrations to break down and obliterate fat. This method is predominantly used for the abdominal region.
  • Ultrasound treatments: By transmitting energy, these treatments produce heat that subsequently annihilates fat cells. They primarily target cellular water, so it’s recommended for patients to stay well-hydrated before the procedure.

Procedure Duration?

Most sessions, depending on the treatment area’s size, typically last between 25-30 minutes.

Is the Procedure Uncomfortable?

While there is minor discomfort associated with cold and hot treatments, typically described as a stinging sensation, their short duration (usually around 25 minutes) makes it manageable for most. These treatments don’t require anesthesia, have zero recovery time, and can conveniently be scheduled during a lunch break. Depending on the chosen treatment and targeted area, they are typically offered in a series, ranging from two to four sessions.

Do you need Body Sculpting?

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