Oxygen Facial

Deliver highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly into the epidermis.

What is an Oxygen Facial?

Our oxygen facial delivers highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly into the epidermis. Moisturizers, anti-oxidants and vitamins are pressurized into the skin leaving your face feeling tighter and smoother.

How is the procedure performed?

  1. Initial skin analysis.
  2. The skin is gently exfoliated, removing the top layer of dead cells, setting the stage for thorough cleansing and effective ingredient penetration.
  3. Steam is introduced, further clearing and softening the skin, making it ready for detailed cleansing.
  4. Advanced equipment infuses pure oxygen molecules deep into the skin.
  5. A specialized mask is applied, tailored to enhance your skin’s vitality and appearance.
  6. Concluding the treatment, we meticulously apply chosen serums, moisturizers, and sun protection, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed and radiant.

Duration of the Procedure: Typically, our Oxygen facial spans about 45 minutes, but this can vary based on the specific requirements and state of your skin.

Why opt for this treatment?

Infusing oxygen rejuvenates skin elasticity and combats acne-inducing bacteria. Moreover, it significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, evens out the complexion, and minimizes pore size.

Do you need an Oxygen Facial?

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