Lutronic Laser Treatments

What are the Lutronic Laser Treatments?

Lutronic, globally acknowledged for its pioneering approach in the aesthetic and cosmetic laser industry, stands out with its scientifically-backed, advanced laser treatments that cater to a multitude of skin concerns and aesthetic procedures. Renowned for their innovative solutions, Lutronic ensures that every laser procedure surpasses industry benchmarks in terms of efficacy, reliability, and safety. One of their notable technologies includes the Lutronic Genius, a system that harmoniously integrates intelligent RF delivery and microneedling to invigorate collagen and elastin production, thereby contributing to significant skin rejuvenation and tightening.

Simultaneously, the Lutronic Spectra, another acclaimed offering, provides a potent solution for managing melasma, tattoo removal, and overall skin rejuvenation through its adept utilization of a dual-pulsed Q-switched Nd: YAG laser. The array of Lutronic laser treatments is widely acknowledged for its precision, predictability, and minimal downtime, ensuring that clients attain their desired aesthetic outcomes while enjoying a comfortable and safe treatment experience. Embarking on a journey with Lutronic’s advanced laser treatments involves a comprehensive consultation with qualified professionals to ensure that the selected procedures align impeccably with one’s skin type, concerns, and overall health, ensuring both optimal results and minimized risks.


Lutronic Accufit™ is intelligently designed to deliver direct muscle activation treatments for an improved aesthetic appearance. Accufit utilizes advanced technology to tone and tighten muscles, offering a non-invasive approach to body contouring. This innovative device presents an alternative for those seeking muscle definition without surgical interventions.

Clarity ll

A digitally higher-powered 755/1064nm dual wavelength platform laser with breakthrough intelligent capabilities. It has been designed to enable faster more effective treatments for patients of all skin types, while making the treatments easier and more efficient to perform.


The first 532nm KTP & 1064nm Nd:YAG Laser with Cryogen Cooling, Variable Sequential Pulsing and Temperature Sensing. DermaV is engineered specifically for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. Harnessing the power of radiofrequency, this device stimulates collagen production, promoting smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

eCO2 Plus

eCO2 Plus™ from Lutronic is the smart choice for providing fast, full-spectrum CO2 treatments with improved pain management and unparalleled outcomes. eCO2 Plus stands out for its fractional ablative CO2 laser treatments, which are perfect for deep skin resurfacing and scar revision. It offers a targeted approach to skin concerns, ensuring reduced downtime and effective results.

Genius RF

Lutronic Genius® delivers precision in every pulse. Exact depth is impeccably achieved with superior needle and handpiece design, ensuring consistently brilliant results on face, neck and multiple body areas. Genius RF combines the principles of micro-needling with radiofrequency energy. This dual approach boosts collagen and elastin production, addressing a variety of skin concerns from fine lines to textural irregularities.

Healite ll

Lutronic Healite II™ is a high performance LED (Light Emitting Diode), LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy) system designed to enhance aesthetic treatment results and reduce the associated patient downtime. Healite II employs low-level light therapy to improve skin health, accelerate healing, and enhance skin appearance. Its therapeutic light treatment offers benefits that range from reducing inflammation to promoting post-procedure recovery.

Hollywood Spectra

Lutronic Hollywood Spectra is the world’s leading and most advanced ultra-short pulse 1064/532nm laser platform with proprietary capabilities to reduce unwanted skin pigmentation and help stimulate collagen. Hollywood Spectra is renowned for its efficacy in tattoo removal and skin revitalization. It’s designed to cater to diverse skin types, ensuring safe and efficient treatment for all.

LaseMD Ultra

Dramatically different from traditional resurfacing lasers, Lutronic ULTRA™ rebuilds glowing, healthy skin through non-ablative fractionated treatments. LaseMD Ultra provides a gentle yet effective solution for skin resurfacing and pigmentation treatments. Its non-ablative approach ensures minimal discomfort while delivering notable improvements in skin health and appearance.

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