Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal

Quick and easy laser hair removal. Starting at $105/session for small areas and up to $540/session for full body. Reduced hair growth by 10%-25% after the 1st session. Minimum of 6 sessions for best results. Packages are available. Contact us for additional info, and see below for services we offer.

Small areas

$105/per session

Jawline, chin, feet & toes, forehead, sideburns, hand & fingers, ears knees, upper lip

3 sessions: $205

6 sessions: $430

Medium areas

$130/per session

Bikini line, thong line, belly line, neck, lower arms, underarms, shoulder, upper arms, inner thighs

3 sessions: $290

6 sessions: $550

Large areas

$150/per session

Chest, stomach, Brazilian, lower leg, upper leg, full face, upper back, lower back

3 sessions: $370

6 sessions: $670

Extra large areas

$270/per session

Full legs, full arms, full back

3 sessions: $590

6 sessions: $1,090

Full body

6 areas of your choice $540/per session

3 sessions: $1,480

6 sessions: $2,600

Experience Lasting Smoothness with V2 MedSpa Laser Hair Removal

V2 MedSpa provides FDA-certified laser hair removal solutions, suitable for everyone, regardless of gender. These treatments are not only highly efficient but can be applied to virtually any part of the body.

How Does the Laser Hair Removal Process Function?

The pigment responsible for the coloration of our hair and skin is melanin. To target and remove unwanted hair, the laser is calibrated to resonate with the melanin present in the hair shafts of the selected treatment zones. Once the laser light is focused on these shafts, the melanin absorbs this energy, which then transforms into heat. This heat travels through the shaft, reaching the follicle at the base. Subsequently, the heat damages or even obliterates the follicle, hindering future hair growth.

What’s the Duration of the Treatment?

The procedure’s duration hinges on the area’s size under treatment. Smaller regions require merely a few minutes, whereas more expansive areas, like legs, might take up to an hour.

How Comfortable is the Procedure?

With the avant-garde cooling technology in V2 MedSpa’s laser hair removal equipment, your comfort is ensured. Many patients describe the sensation during the laser’s pulsing as akin to a tiny rubber band snapping on the skin, immediately followed by a cooling effect. Some areas might be slightly more sensitive, but even then, most find the fleeting nature of these sessions far preferable to the perpetual cycle of shaving or waxing.

Do you need Laser Hair Removal?

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